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Red Bear Inn Group Policies

We are grateful to have you as our potential guests at the Red Bear Inn. We want to make your stay with us exceptional. Because of our exceedingly high booking rate, we are not always able to accommodate groups. A group reservation consists of 10 or more blocked or "guaranteed" rooms. We have policies in place to assist groups in organization and optimization.

We require a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for guaranteed rooms. 

Full payment for all rooms on the reservation must be submitted 30 days before arrival. If payment is not submitted, rooms will be released, and the 20% deposit will be forfeited.

PAYMENT IS FINAL. We are not able to adjust the form of payment upon arrival, or after the final charges 30 days prior to arrival. Coordinators: please relay this to group members so they are able to make arrangements amongst the group members privately.

Each member of the group must be registered with Red Bear Inn. We require name, email, and cell phone number to book a room. If the room is double occupancy, guests must submit details for all people in the room. If all guest information is not submitted 30 days before arrival, rooms will be released and the 20% deposit will be forfeited.

Groups may also simply choose to have their members book separate rooms online with no deposit. All rooms will be charged 7 days prior to arrival and there are NO REFUNDS within 7 days of arrival.