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204 N. Main Street, Ennis, Montana
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We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions about booking or availability please contact us.

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1. Check in time is 3 pm to 8 pm. We have a late check in process, if you expect to arrive after 8 pm, please call to review this process. As a normal practice, to speed up check-in, we will charge the card you provided 24 hours prior to the date of check in, if you choose to use another form of payment when you arrive we can make the necessary changes. The 72 hour cancellation time has passed at the time of charging your card that you offered us, therefore, invalid cards, the room may be released at 10 AM the day of your expected arrival, please use a card that will be valid through your time of staying with us.
2. ROOM GUARANTEE - Valid Credit Card information must be verified in person and on file to check in, this information is maintained within our reservation system as a property guarantee as it relates to the following policies.
3. CANCELLATION POLICY - 72 hour notice. IF you book with Expedia/, or their partner companies, you must coordinate the change or cancellation through them directly. Should you need to make a change or cancel your reservation, please contact us. There will be no penalty when contacting us more than 72 hours prior (3 days) to your reservation stay date: failure to arrive or cancel more than 72 hours of reservation (3:00 PM Three Days Prior) will be cause for a one nights stay charge with no exceptions.
_____4. NO SMOKING OR COOKING - Montana State Law states: NO SMOKING within 20 FEET of a door or window".A
$250.00 minimum fine will be assessed if your room has smoking materials or smells that needs to be cleaned. (vaping products or other burnt items also apply) No cooking in room other than microwave provided, no personal cooking appliances shall be used at any time. A cleaning fee may be assessed in addition to the fine.
_____5. PETS/ NON PET ROOMS - We have designated pet rooms, if your receipt does NOT indicate a pet room, you are not assigned a pet room. If you do not have this corrected and come to the property with a pet you will not be provided a room and you will not receive a refund. PLEASE ENSURE you have been assigned a pet room. If you have a non-registered pet in any room you will be assessed a $250.00 fee for cleaning. Any damage caused by any pet will be assessed an additional fee to pay for damages. (Service Animals are also subject to the damage policy). ____Rules for pet rooms - No leaving pet alone in room- No pets on furniture or beds - No using ice buckets for water or toys.
6. DAMAGE/THEFT - Stolen items will be charged at any cost associated with its replacement. Unreasonably damaged furniture, blankets, towels and sheets will also be purchased by the guest at any cost associated with it's replacement. Removing towels, linens or pillows from the premises is not acceptable and you may be charged if soiled due to use out of the normal expected in room servicing.
7. By entering the room with your code, you have conveyed that you have agreed to all of our policies. Failure to read them or to sign have been circumvented by the action of using the code.
8. WiFi Network:Red Bear Password: Redbear2021@
Policy and Prices are subject to change without notice.

Car Make/Model/Color________________________________________________________________
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Payment for retail items and gift certificates is collected at the time of purchase.

Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. Children age 12 and under stay free. Pets are welcome. 10.00 per day per/ pet A $250 Deep Cleaning Fee will be charged for all unregistered pets in a pet free room. There is a deposit required (or open CC) for all pets, liability for extra cleaning is your responsibility No pets are allowed upstairs DO NOT leave them in a room alone - for ANY reason or ANY amount of time DO NOT allow them on the beds or furniture Ice buckets in the room are not pet dishes or toys Pets can be walked or can go to the bathroom behind the west building Keep pets under control at all times - leashed if necessary - aggressive pets will not be tolerated Respect other guests and keep them quiet at all times

Your credit card information is stored and processed securely.